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Trash to Table

Food pipeline picOn Tuesday mornings Crossroads Care and Mission Coordinator Steph Albright laces up her Chuck Taylor All-Stars, grabs her coffee and heads out. She meets up with a few Crossroads volunteers who hop in a big white box truck headed for inner-city Baltimore. Their destination? Crossroads’ strategic ministry partner in the city, Helping Up Mission (HUM).

Standing in the shadows of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, HUM is helping men struggling with addiction find another type of healing. Nearly 500 men live in HUM’s city-block sized facility and participate in the 12-month, faith-based intensive residential recovery program.  Part of their recovery involves work therapy. One of the work projects is packing up hundreds of pounds of excess food that is donated to HUM every week.

As the Helping Up men tape the last box shut, the Crossroads’ truck comes pulling into the bay. Volunteers hop out, slapping high fives and hugging the Helping Up men who load food into the truck. The Helping Up residents feel good about a job well done, knowing that what can’t be used at the mission won’t go to waste. That’s because Steph’s day has just started.

The Crossroads team heads back up 83 and spends the day crisscrossing Carroll County, distributing the food that HUM can’t use to food pantries whose shelves are bare. Their last stop is Bethel Assembly of God in Littlestown, Pennsylvania which will pick up the “food baton” from Steph’s team. The staff there will continue distributing the meat, poultry, produce, canned and boxed food which would have otherwise been thrown away to small food banks throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Thousands of pounds of food serving hundreds of families through dozens of food pantries across our county.

All because of one Crossroads box truck. Every Tuesday.